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Product Name FileSize
Track4Win Professional Edition v4.0.1130 Download 5.27MB
Track4Win Enterprise Edition v4.0.1130 Download 5.27MB


  • You must run Track4Win Server to receive monitoring information, and run Track4Win Monitor on the computer you wish to monitor.
  • Enterprise Edition include file monitoring and advanced hiding features for Windows 2000/xp
  • The default database is an mdb file (MS ACCESS). If you want to run Track4Win on MSDE,MS SQL Server or Oracle Database, please run "Database Connection Config Tool" to set up the database connection.


  • You must correctly set the "Track4Win Server Name" (or IP address) in the Monitor program's Options if you run Track4Win in a computer network


  • Difference between Enterprise and Professional editions:
    Enterprise edition has a file monitoring feature. Enterprise edition can montior file changes, such as: modify/add/rename/delete.
    Please note that Enterprise edition can hide in Task Manager of Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003. Professional edition can hide in Task Manager of Windows 95/98/me only


  • The free trial version is for 15-day and 10-user evaluation. After registration, you will get full functionality.
  • If you have any questions about download or installation, please contact us.

How to install Track4Win ?

After you download the zip file, you need unzip tool such as WinZip to uncompress the zip file into two executable files. Finally you will get two executable files:

Track4Win Professional Track4WinSvr.exe Track4WinMon.exe

Run these two files to install Track4Win Server and Monitor respectively.

Track your own computer

  • If you want to track your own computer only,  you need to install both Track4Win Server and Monitor on your computer.

Track Network computers

  • If you use Track4Win in a computer network. For example, you want to use Computer A to monitor Computer B, C, and D. You should run Track4Win Server on Computer A and run Track4Win Monitor on Computer B, C, and D.
  • After installation, Computer A can receive monitor information from Computer B, C and D.
    You may use Computer A to know all computer activity details of Computer B, C, and D!

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