Track4win - Professional Software to Track Employee Computer Usage

Track4Win is the best software to track employee computer activity and monitor Internet usage across network. If you are looking for a solution for how to increase employee productivity, Track4win will be a great software tool to identify who are your most productive employees and who are abuse with your computers at work.

As we know, a great software program to track employee pc usage in the workplace must let supervisors or managers to monitor all computers utilized by employees, record the data of their computer activities, no matter their computer screens, software usage, as well as browser activities, so that the employees abusing company facilities will be immediately asked to stop their improper behaviors and go back to concentrate on their work. To improve employee productivity, you must find an easy way to watch employees computer usage in real time. Tracking employee computer usage is necessary for company to build a productive team. You need find a cost-effective employee computer monitoring software tool, and install the program on your computer network to track employee internet usage and computer activities. Track4Win is the best software to monitor employee PC usage on network. You can use the software to track employee internet usage and computer activity on office LAN.

Track Employee Internet Usage and Computer Activity

Track employee internet Use and computer usage 

Track4Win allows you to use any PC to track web usage. That means you can use any computer as the server to collect monitoring data. And on each computer being monitored, a monitoring agent will be installed to track computer use, including software program usage, website address visited, and time spent on each webpage and application. To prevent internet abuse, this great app can track employees internet usage and the time used by each employee to surf the Internet.. Track4win offers you with a low cost solution to track employee internet usage. In addition to tracking employee internet usage, Track4Win can implement computer usage tracking and become an application time tracker to record all software usage on each computer you are monitoring on network. To track computer usage, Track4Win will log all computer activities on each pc and collect the time information for each application. So Track4Win is powerful tool for tracking computer usage.

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As a boss in a company who need manage employees, you should realize team building is a quite important but a difficult issue. You must clearly understand a lazy worker will pull down your team performance, and employee computer tracking is a very effect measure to stop computer abuse at work so as to improve the work efficiency of your team. How to track employee computer usage at low cost? Is there a professional but cheap software program for tracking employee pc usage ? Even though there are many software tools to track employees in the market, some of them are very expensive, and some lack adequate pc monitoring features to meet the business requirements. After experts review many employee computer monitoring programs, they recommend Track4win, which is the best employee tracking software to monitor employees in workplace. Track4Win can help you track network computers and collect all the monitoring data you need in order to analyze which employees are the efficient and who are abusing computers at work.

Tack4win can help resolve some workplace monitoring issues, which include: "how to track my employee pc usage?" and "how to monitor my employee computer activity. " Even if you want to monitor your employee computer screen, Track4win can meet your monitoring needs because it has a screen capture feature that allows you to collect screenshot of each employee's desktop you are monitoring, Deploying a monitoring program like Track4win in your company's computer network is the best way to track employees computer use and stop computer abuse at work.

Employee pc usage tracking is becoming a very effect measure to increase employee productivity nowadays. No matter you need track employee internet usage, which software program they are using on their computer, or calculate the work time on each project on their PC, you must find a professional software solution to monitor employee computer usage in real time. In addition, the employee monitoring tool must has flexibility that the server part of the monitoring system is not required to be online all the time. Because the manager/supervisor/boss cannot sit inside the office all day to run the server in order to collect the monitoring data. That is, even the server is offline or malfunction, the monitoring can still work. Currently, there are many employee computer usage tracking solutions in the market, but most of them are expensive (some will charge the customers annual fee), and some employee monitoring solutions are too complicated to use because they require additional network and computer hardware. Some cheap employee monitoring software programs lack features mentioned above. Track4Win is the best employee monitoring application that is affordable enough for small businesses and it can fulfill all the employee tracking needs from a small start-up or an enterpise group. This monitoring app let you easily track employee computer and internet usage on network without additional routers, hubs, switches and other hardware. And you can try all the monitoring features after you get the free download from the product website and install the program on your network.

When you deploy the monitoring software, you need install the monitoring agent (Track4win Monitor program) on each client computer you wish to track what your employees are doing, and install the Track4win Server program on a server. Actually, you can use any pc as the server to receive monitoring data, and you may view and analyze all the employee computer activity data on the server or even any computer where you run Track4win Analyzer. The software's functions are powerful and can meet the workplace tracking needs. It has features that many other monitoring widgets don't have. For example, when the server is offline, theTrack4win monitoring agent will log the data itself locally on the client pc. When the server is online again, the Monitor agent will automatically send the monitoring data to the server.

You must understand how seriously computer and internet abuse will bring negative effect to your business. Every manager or boss must find a way to monitor employee pc usage to prevent computer misuse at work. Among many pc usage tracking software solutions in the market, Track4win is the best application for business because Track4win has powerful network tracking features to let you track every employee in the office and view what they are doing on their computers. In addition to tracking internet usage, Track4win can track software usage and record program run time on each tracked computer. But it doesn't record personal private information, including any keystrokes and mouse clicks. The employee tracking functions of the monitoring software will also take care of employee privacy protection. So Track4win is the best and cheapest software to track employee computer usage for business.

Here are the main features of this great and inexpensive employee tracking program:

Notes: If you need to automatically and continuously catch your employee computer screens in order to watch employee computer activity including each movement on their computer screen, please try our another employee screen monitoring software, Screen Fetch,( , which is a more powerful employee screen tracking program to track employee computer activity.

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Track4win offers the best way to track what your employees are doing on their desktops or laptops in the workplace.
With this employee tracking software, you can improve employee productivity and efficiency. As we know, no matter you decide to let your employees know their computer usage are being tracked or not, they can feel they should work harder to present better performance. This employee pc monitoring program is free to try, and you can download the software package to get 10-user free evaluation.