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How to discreetly monitor an employee's computer and Internet usage ? Track4Win software lets you to monitor Internet usage and web site surfing on networked computers. Tracking employee computer usage including their Internet usage tracking, is necessary for your business today. You must choose a good internet usage monitoring software product and install it on your computer network to monitor Internet usage and computer activities. Track4Win is a superb product to monitor Internet usage! You can use the software to monitor employee internet usage in your office. Track4win is an inexpensive tool to monitor web usage and computer activities for your business and home.

Track4win -The Best Software to Monitor Internet Usage

Track4Win, a powerful and low cost software product to monitor internet usage, is the best software program to monitor employees at workplace, track what your kids are doing on their computers at home.

From this screenshot, you can know Track4Win can not only monitor all website addresses (URLs), but also each web page and the time spent on each webpage. It is a low-cost solution to monitor employee internet usage. If you are seeking a software program for monitoring Internet usage in your office, Track4win is a perfect application for you.

Internet usage monitoring software is your best choice to improve employee performance.

Also, Track4win(SysTrakcer v2.0) or later versions can monitor web usage by groups. And you also can just select a specific program (such as Internet Explorer, IE)  to monitor. So Track4win is a great Internet usage monitor !

Monitor internet Use and computer usage 
Track4Win is a wonderful Internet tracking tool to monitor internet usage at home and business. With powerful network monitoring support, Track4Win enables you Monitor internet usage not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network (LAN and WAN)
. So if you are looking for a software tool to monitor employee internet usage at office, Track4win will be a very good option to implement automatic employee monitoring on networked computers in your company.

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As a smart boss or manager, you should realize the importance of Internet monitoring and know how to track employee Internet usage. Are you seeking software tools to monitor employees in your company? Is there a low cost software program for monitoring internet usage ?Track4win is the best employee monitoring software to monitor employees in office. Track4Win help you monitor network computers. You can monitor employee internet usage easily.Try Track4Win to monitor web use at work! Using Track4win is the best way to monitor employee internet usage in office.

As parents, you must understand it is necessary to monitor internet usage of your kids to make sure kid safety of Internet surfing. To protect your children, you must Monitor internet use at home! Please choose Track4win web usage monitor to monitor internet activity for your children.

Track4Win can allow you use any PC to Monitor web usage. It tracks web site address visited and web page title. It helps track employees internet usage at your company and Monitor web use at home. It provides you with a low cost solution to Monitor internet usage! Track4Win lets you agree it is not difficult to Monitor web use because of Track4Win's network monitoring feature. In addition, Track4Win can implement computer usage monitoring and become a time tracker. To monitor computer usage, Track4Win record all computer activities on each computer and collect the time information on each software application. So Track4Win is very good at monitoring computer usage.

Internet usage tracking is becoming more and more routine in the world. No matter you need Monitor internet usage at home or Monitor web usage at business. You need to find a good software product to Monitor internet use. But many Internet usage tracking solutions are expensive and require additional network hardware. Track4Win allows you to monitor network and monitor internet usage without additional router, switch and hub. Therefore, it is not expensive to monitor employee internet usage.Choose our internet usage monitor!

Internet abuse is becoming serious when the internet usage in growing around the world. Employers and managers should find software to monitor emplyee web usage. You should be ready to monitor internet usage to prevent employees' Internet misuse. Among many internet usage monitors in the market, Track4win is the best one for business because Track4win has powerful tracking features. In addition to monitoring web usage, Track4win can monitor program usage and record application run time on each monitored computer. On the other hand, it doesn't record personal private information, such as
text, password, email content, log-in details, account numbers, personal information, individual files or other personal documents. It can implement the monitoring functions while at the same time considering privacy protection. Track4win is the best and cheapest program to monitor internet usage. Choose Track4Win to Monitor web usage!

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New! Track4win Enterprise edition released ! An advanced solution of Internet Monitoring software.

File Access Monitoring and Security: (New feature for monitoring file usage)
  • Keep track of file related activities real time, including: create,copy,modify,delete,rename,move
  • Immediately identify the file access type, the file location, the action date and time, the user, and the workstation
  • File Security...Know which files were deleted/renamed/copied in your networked computers, find out who did it and when!

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Monitor employees, Monitor Internet Usage....

The following articles will let you know why it is important to monitor Internet usage. 

Artical 1:

Employee study cites rampant Internet abuse

April 20, 2000
Web posted at: 9:59 a.m. EDT (1359 GMT)
by Carolyn Duffy Marsan IDG,net

IDG) -- More employees are checking their stock prices, shopping for travel bargains and exchanging personal e-mail via the Internet while at work - even though their companies prohibit these activities, according to a recently released study. 
Commissioned by Elron Software of Burlington, Mass., which provides Internet access and e-mail content filtering software, the study found a significant increase in the number of companies with Web and e-mail usage policies. But the study also found that despite these policies, employees' personal use of corporate network resources is rising. 

Elron's second annual corporate Internet usage study was conducted by NFO Interactive, a market research firm that interviewed 576 employees who have Web and e-mail access at work. For the companies represented in the study, 68% have Web usage policies, up from 48.9% a year ago. Less than 60% have corporate e-mail policies, an increase from 46.5% a year ago. 
One of the study's most alarming findings is a 170% increase in the number of employees who acknowledged receiving confidential information from employees at other companies. The number of respondents who reported receiving confidential e-mail leaks jumped from 9.2% in 1999 to 24.1% in 2000. 
According to the study, employees are getting more personal e-mails with attachments, with 73.5% of respondents saying they receive these types of e-mails compared to 63.6% last year. 
In addition, nearly one out of five respondents received at least one potentially offensive e-mail per month from a co-worker. 
"Lots of companies are finding that their exposure is shifting from the Web to e-mail," says Ray Boelig, president and CEO of Elron Software. "Companies face a lot of issues with regard to leakage of confidential information, excessive spam and offensive e-mail." 
In the area of inappropriate surfing, one in three corporate workers said they spend 25 minutes or more each day using the Internet for personal reasons. Much of that time is spent shopping, with the most popular destination sites for vacations and vehicles. 

Employees report worse behavior among their colleagues. Nearly one in 10 respondents say they have seen co-workers accessing adult sites, while nearly one-third say they have seen co-workers job hunting on the Internet. 
Companies seem to be cracking down on inappropriate Web usage. One out of three employees say they know a co-worker who has been confronted for surfing abuse. 
The study's findings are worse than expected for David Bradshaw, an MIS analyst at a Comcast Communications division in King of Prussia, Penn. Bradshaw uses Elron's Internet Manager software to monitor Internet usage by 100 Comcast employees in his building. 
"I mostly see people going to news sites or Pointcast or the NCAA Final Four site, but for the most part, it's before business hours, after business hours or during lunch time," Bradshaw says. "I've been monitoring usage for six months, and I haven't seen anyone go to adult sites."

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Interesting numbers: (Worldwirde Internet Users, do they abuse Internet ? monitorinternetusage)

The "educated guess" by Nua Internet Surveys, as of September, 2002: 

















   Middle East




   USA & Canada




   South America






   Netscape (Navigator and Communicator)



   MS Internet Explorer



   All Others






640 X 480




800 X 600




1024 X 768




>1024 X 768




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Article 2:

Web filter has assets covered
Simon Hayes
OCTOBER 21, 2003

INTRODUCING web filtering software at a company that runs a casino and publishes magazines offering sex tips to young women and pictures of topless models to men was always going to be a challenge.

The staff at Publishing and Broadcasting Limited have some unusual web surfing needs that would never be an issue if they worked for a bank or in the public service.

"We wanted to cover our legal and moral obligations," says Stuart, IT operations manager at Australian Consolidated Press, the magazine publishing unit of PBL.

ACP's "men's interest" magazines are published in a separate part of the building, he says.

PBL wanted to cut down on the amount of non-work-related web surfing that was taking place, he says. While the company turned a blind eye to much personal use of the internet, it wanted to block streaming media, such as internet radio stations.

"It's so easy to turn on internet radio and have music in your office, so it was widespread," he says.

"You'd walk around and hear internet radio all over the place. If they worked in a bank they wouldn't get away with it."

The company's IT department was also concerned about the amount of spyware installed on work PCs.

Installing Websense Enterprise has cut ACP's bandwidth usage by 30GB monthly, allowing the company to upgrade to a 10Mbps internet connection without worrying about personal use gobbling up the extra bandwidth. The package is also used at PBL subsidiaries, including Crown Casino, Foxtel and the Nine Network.

The software, licensed for 1800 users, is served from a PC and slots into a Microsoft Internet Security Server.

At ACP, employees still have broad internet access. Many sites that would be blocked in most corporations are left open. For example, while most businesses might block access to lingerie sites, such content is essential reading for journalists on Cleo and Cosmopolitan.

A special list has been created for the staff of the "men's interest" magazines, People and Picture.

"The helpdesk places people in groups, and that's what they have access to," Mr Bowman said.

"There will be quite a few in the adult category because of the men's interest mags."

While ACP does not regularly monitor internet usage, reports can be generated when requested by business unit managers.


ACP staff streaming internet radio, downloading MP3s and running spyware were costing big bucks in wasted productivity and bandwidth, and the IT department was unable to track their activities.


IT staff installed Websense Enterprise across the network and within subsidiaries Crown and the Nine Network, making it easier to block and monitor internet access.


ACP has cut 30GB of bandwidth monthly, and is meeting its legal obligations to provide a safe and non-threatening workplace.

Track4Win is the best software to monitor internet usage on network. It run as a client/server mode. So It is the easiest way to track what programs are running on your employees computers, you can monitor internet usage from server.


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