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Internet Monitoring is very necessary for a company to prevent internet abuse at workplace. Track4Win is a powerful computer monitoring tool to stop web misuse. Track4win is an inexpensive tool for monitoring web usage and computer activities. If you are looking for a software product to monitor employees, please try Track4winm, which can monitor internet usage and monitor network activity.Please try the internet monitoring software, free download and 10-user free trial!

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Track4Win,a powerful and low cost internet monitoring software product for web usage  monitoring.

From this screenshot, you can know Track4Win can not only  for monitoring all website addresses (urls), but also for monitoring each web page title and the time spent on each webpage.  Internet Monitoring software is your best choice to improve employee performance.

Also. Track4winr v2.0 or later version can  implement monitoring web usage by groups. And you also can just select a specific program (such as Internet Explorer, IE)  to monitor.

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Employee Internet Monitoring Solutions are expensive to many small- mid size business. Can employers find a web monitoring product that is affordable and effective? Yes.  Track4Win enables you to monitor Internet usage and track employee computer usage. 

Track4Win Internet Monitoring software allows you to monitor Internet usage on your network computers. Many managers realize that employees are wasting a lot of time using their corporate Internet connection for personal reasons, including chat, shopping and day trading. Harassment lawsuits resulting from employees viewing and downloading pornography are on the rise. This Internet misuse can also reduce your Internet bandwidth to a mere trickle. You should control how your Internet connection is really being used with Track4Win Web Monitoring.

Track4Win is a wonderful web monitoring tool to monitor Internet usage at home and business. With powerful network monitoring support, Track4Win enables you track internet usage not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network (LAN and WAN/ Internet/intranet)

Track4Win can allow you use any PC to track web usage. It monitors web site addresses visited and web page titles. It helps monitor employees Internet usage at your company and monitor web use at home. It provides you with a low cost solution to monitor internet usage! Track4Win lets you agree it is not difficult to monitor web use because of Track4Win network monitoring feature.

Monitoring Software for Internet usage, Track4Win, is an Effective and Low Cost Web Monitoring Solution with Network Monitoring Support. Free 15-day Trial!

What is the most popular and inexpensive employee computer monitoring software ?  Sepama Software provides Track4Win, an Internet Usage Monitoring and Employee Monitoring software product to enable you to track Internet usage across a computer network (Lan and Wan). As a computer monitoring software product, Track4Win can monitor all networked computers at the same time. 

Track4Win is also a computer usage monitoring software product. Track4Win can monitor all software programs running in computers and track time spent on each application. So it is a good product for monitoring computer usage.

Track4Win Internet Monitoring software enables businesses to manage how their employees use the Internet (Employee Internet Management [EIM]), reducing Internet abuse, improving productivity, conserving network bandwidth and storage costs, and mitigating legal liability.

  • Internet Monitoring technology

Systreacker can catch live url  (web site address) and web page title. So even if employees delete Internet cookies and history, you are still able to monitor Internet. Moreover, you can monitor network and realize monitoring solution for Internet simultaneously. Track4Win Computer Monitoring software allows you to manage, analyze and report on employee use of Internet.

  • FREE 15-day trial

    You can try this superb computer monitoring software for free! Free Trial to monitor Internet use.

  • Low Price Internet Tracker

Track4Win gives you a low price Internet usage monitoring alternative. There is no additional hardware and software required for Internet monitoring. Unlike many big Internet monitoring solutions, Track4Win allows you maintain a high ROI!

  • Effective Monitoring Solution on Internt

      Track4Win uses the most accurate, reliable monitoring method for Internet use. The software is easy to install, works seamlessly in your single PC or network, and is available on all the Windows platforms. Track4Win gives you an Internet tracker with amazing flexibility in managing Monitoring requirements for Internet use. Learn more about Track4Win Internet Usage Monitoring, please visit our product page. And download this best internet monitor software for 15-day free trial.

Track4Win is an effective and low price Internet monitoring product developed by Sepama Software  (!

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New! Track4win Enterprise edition released !

File Access Monitoring and Security: (New Feature)
  • Keep track of file related activities real time, including: create,copy,modify,delete,rename,move
  • Immediately identify the file access type, the file location, the action date and time, the user, and the workstation
  • File Security...Know which files were deleted/renamed/copied in your networked computers, find out who did it and when!

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Monitor employees, Monitor Internet Usage....

The following articles are about web monitoring at workplace.  


Article 1

More employers are monitoring Web usage
Mie-Yun Lee, Editorial Director,
January 31, 2001

With their businesses' best interest in mind, more and more business owners have started monitoring their employees' Web usage. In fact, 73 percent of U.S. businesses monitor their employees' Internet usage, according to an April 2000 survey conducted by the New York-based American Management Association.

The idea of Big Brother has never gone over well with employees. But it is legal - you have the right to monitor your employees without them knowing.

While some employees may view this watchful eye as an invasion of privacy, businesses have concerns that go beyond just being nosey or even keeping such a close eye on their employees' productivity. Small businesses can't afford network congestion or a clogged bandwidth due to employees' nonbusiness Web use.

And legally, an employer can be held liable if an employee is accessing offensive material. For example, if one employee offends another by showing them pornography online, you the employer could have a sexual harassment case on your hands.

If you think Internet monitoring is right for your business, you have a number of options. Filtering software, sometimes also referred to as Internet access management software, gets very detailed - telling you when your employees are online, what sites they are visiting, and how much bandwidth they use up while online. Despite some differences between the various kinds of Internet access management software, they all basically do the same thing: track your employees and generate detailed reports on their individual activities.

You can also go the route of software that actually takes pictures, called screenshots, every so often of where your employees have been on the Web. You will know not only where your employees have been but also what they've been doing while there. If your employees have visited a chat room, for example, you'll be able to see what they have written.

If you think these in-depth picks are a little much, there are alternatives. If your objective is to keep your employees off sites not related to their job, Web-blocking software will do the trick by blocking visits to gaming, shopping, or pornographic sites.

By using this less intrusive Web-blocking software, you won't have to set aside time to go through reports, and your employees won't feel spied on. And you could save money - Internet access management software will run you a few hundred dollars while blocking software costs around $30.

You may encounter some resistance at first when installing the software, but if you feel the need to monitor your employees, don't expect them to be dead set against it. In a survey conducted by the New York career site, 53 percent of the 451 employees surveyed said they feel their employers have the right to monitor them.

The point is, there's a difference between monitoring and spying. If you think Web tracking will help your business, be open with your employees and let them know it's going on and why.

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Article 2:

Web abuse a headache for employers

   September 3, 2002 Posted: 10:21 AM EDT (1421 GMT)

  LONDON, England (CNN) -- E-mail and Internet misuse by staff has become the biggest disciplinary problem for employers, a survey in Britain has found.

Research for the magazine Personnel Today and consultants KLegal revealed that employers have taken disciplinary action on more occasions in the past year against staff for misusing the Web than for dishonesty, violence and health and safety breaches combined.

The survey of 212 companies of 50 staff upwards found that there were 358 disciplinary cases for Internet and e-mail abuse compared to a combined total of 326 cases for the other three categories.

It reveals that the most common cyber crimes were excessive personal use of the Internet, sending pornographic e-mails and accessing pornographic Web sites.

The research showed the majority of employers are facing problems tackling the issue, despite 93 per cent of employers having policies on Web misuse.

A fifth of employers are now monitoring Internet and e-mail usage on a daily basis compared to 11 per cent 18 months ago.

"It is a very serious problem for employers and HR managers," Noel O'Reilly, Editor of Personnel Today, told CNN.

Many of the serious cases involved passing on of material, often pornographic, using company e-mails, O'Reilly said.

The survey found that nearly two thirds of e-mail and Internet related dismissals (38 out of 61) and half of the disciplinary cases (169 out of 358) were for accessing or distributing pornographic material.

O'Reilly said that e-mail and Web misuse was a serious concern for companies, first for the possible damage to the companies' reputations, and second, for the high costs involved in the time spent by staff not in productive work.

A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of e-mails received at work were personal.

"The problem has increased a lot since a year ago when we did our last survey just because of the increased technology and growing use of the Internet," O'Reilly said.

He said the reason it had become so much of a problem was first, a collision of cultures.

"What people think is acceptable at home often cannot be acceptable in the workplace.

"Secondly, more and more people are using the Internet and there are more and more opportunities for misuse."

He said that successful monitoring was the key and firms should ask themselves: Did they have the right software, did they have a monitoring policy and did they communicate the policy successfully to staff?

He said the balance had to be struck between fair use and potential damage to the company -- he did not agree, he said, with the one in 10 companies in the survey who banned private e-mails and Internet use completely.

A limited amount of personal use of e-mails and the Internet could be good for morale, he acknowledged.

On the other hand, he said, excessive use of the Internet by staff showed poor management and lack of motivation.

Stephen Levinson, employment law partner at KLegal, told Personnel Today that employers must do more than just draw up a policy on Internet misuse and urged companies to communicate their policies to staff on a regular basis.

"E-mail and Internet abuse at work remains a thorn in the side of businesses. While companies appear to be making more efforts to deal with it, it does not appear to be working particularly well," he said.

The survey said that more than 90 per cent of British companies inform staff that they monitor screens, with less than 10 per cent breaking the law in the UK by monitoring secretly.

Internet monitoring software is important at work. Track4win is the best and cheapest program for Internet Monitoring. Choose a great web monitoring solution, Choose Track4win as your employee monitoring software!

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