Track4Win is the best computer monitoring software for workplace and home.

Track4Win software is the best program to monitor computer usage and internet activities no matter the computer is a single PC or a networked workstation on your network. To improve your employee's productivity, you should find software to monitor what employees are doing on their computers in a company. Monitoring employee computer usage including employee Internet usage monitoring, is necessary for your company today. You must choose a cost-effective employee computer usage monitoring software product and install it on your computer network to monitor employee internet usage and computer activities. And also, if you don't hope your children misuse your home pc, you need a home computer monitoring software program to watch what your kids are doing when they are left alone to use the computer. Track4Win is best software to monitor computer usage! You can use the software to monitor computer activity in your office or at home. Downalod this computer monitoring tool to get free trial with full functions and monitor computer activities and internet usage for your business and home.

Monitor Computer Activity

Track4Win, a powerful and low price program to monitor computer activity, is the best way to monitor pc usage, track what users are doing on their computers in the office and home. Free download available and get 10-user free trial with full functions.

The above screenshot shows that Track4Win can not only monitor all website addresses (URLs) visited by a computer user, but also the time spent on each webpage. It is a low-cost solution to monitor computer use. In addition, it is also a computer screen monitoring software product that allows you to make a screen capture from a monitored workstation easily so that you can know what a user is doing on their desktop from the screenshot of the computer screen. If you are seeking a software program for monitoring computer usage, Track4win is a perfect application for computer activity monitoring software.

Computer activity monitoring software is your best choice to monitor user activity on a computer network or a standalone pc. so pleae try Track4win the best computer user monitoring software.

In addition, Track4win can be used as a software activity monitor so that you can analyze the usage of all applications or programs running on your computer.


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Employee Computer Monitoring
If employees use computer workstation in a computer network in a company, it may be the employer's window monitor workstaion activity by using a computer spy software application or electronic product. There are several methods of employees computer monitoring.
Employers can use computer monitor software that lets them to see what is on the screen or stored in the employees' computer terminals and hard disks. Employers can monitor employee computer activity and employee Internet usage such as web-surfing, electronic mail, etc.

Employees involved in intensive word-processing and data entry jobs may be subject to keystroke monitoring on a desktop or laptop. Such computer monitoring systems tells the manager how many keystrokes per hour each employee is performing. It also may inform employees if they are above or below the expected standard number of keystrokes. If you need implement this kind of desktop monitoring or laptop monitoring, you may need a pc monitoring with a keystrokesoftware recording feature.
Another employee computer monitoring utility enables employers to keep track of the amount of time an employee spends away from the computer or idle time at the workstation. For example, Track4win is the best employee computer monitoring software with free trial. The software can monitor how much time your each employee spent on the computer, no matter they surf Internet or play a game on their PC. And you need such a tool to monitor desktop activity on your office network.

Is my employer allowed to see what is on my workstation while I am working?
Generally, yes. Since the employer is the owner of the computer network and the terminals in the company, he or she is free to use them to monitor employees computers. Employees or supervisors are given some protection messures from computer and other forms of electronic monitoring under certain circumstances, which may limit the employer's right to monitor. Also, public sector employees may have some minimal rights to safeguard against unreasonable employee computer monitoring.

Most computer monitoring tools allows employers to monitor without the employees' knowledge. However, some employers do notify employees that workstation monitoring activity takes place. This information may be communicated in memos, employee handbooks, at meetings or on a sticker attached to the destktop or laptop.
In most cases, employees find out about employee computer usage monitoring during a performance evaluation when the information collected is used to evaluate the employee's work. Especially in the case that an employee takes a laptop to work outside the company, the boss may need monitor laptop activity during the work hours. So it is necessary to use computer system monitoring software, like Track4win to watch your empoyee computer activity. Don't hesitate to buy Track4win, the top computer monitoring software in the market.

Home Computer Monitoring
Home computer monitoring software is also important for parents to monitor pc activity at home. Internet and computer abuse will often take place at home or school because kids are too young to know how to use computer properly. Many parents are serious about the computer usage at home when they don't accompany their kids to use the desktop or laptop. They may have the same issue needed to be resolved, that is: how to monitor my computer which is used by my kid at home ? Parents do need a good computer monitoring program to track computer usage at home. Your need take some parental control messures to protect your kids when they are online. The first step is to monitor home computer activity and wb surfing for the children to know whether they are misuse the Internet and the home computer. Track4win is the best monitoring program to track home computers.

Tracking computer usage is necessary for parents nowadays. People usually have more than one computer at their home. Kids may have more chances to use their own computer and internet in a home computer network. You must find a useful network monitoring software to monitor home computers. Track4win can do this job very well because you can sit in front of your own computer to monitor home network computers and also easily make a screenshot from your kid's computer. Then you can know what your kids are doing on their computers. You may instruct them to properly use home computers and Internet, or take additional messures, like internet access control, to prevent any internet abuse at home.

Therefore, if you want to watch what your kids are doing on their computers, please try Track4win to track computer usage at home.

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Monitor employee computer usage and internet use 
Track4Win is a top employee computer tracking tool to monitor employee computer usage at home and business. With powerful network computer monitoring features, Track4Win enables you to monitor user internet usage not only on a single PC, but also on a corporate network (LAN and WAN)
. So you can say Track4win is a network activity monitoring software program.

As an employer, you should realize the importance of employee computer monitoring and you should know how to track employee computer usage. Are you looking for software tools to monitor employee computers in your company? Is there a good but cheap software program for monitoring employee computer activity ? Track4win is the best employee computer monitoring software to monitor employees in office. Track4Win help you monitor network computers. You can monitor employee computer use easily.Try Track4Win to monitor employee internet usage at work! Using Track4win is the best way to monitor networked computers in office so that you can know what your employees are doing on network.

So Track4win can help you resolve some critical issues for your comany, which include: "how to monitor my employee computer usage ?" and "how to monitor my employee computer activity? ", etc.. Deploying Track4win at your company is the best way to monitor employees computer activities and prevent internet abuse.

Track4Win can allow you to use any PC to monitor Internet usage. It tracks web site address visited and the web page titles. It also helps track employees computers usage at your company and monitor web usage at home. It provides you with a low price solution to monitor employee computer activities! Track4Win lets you agree it is not difficult to monitor network computer use because of its network monitoring features. In addition, Track4Win can implement computer usage monitoring and become an application time tracker. To monitor computer usage, Track4Win record all computer activities on each computer and collect the time information for each software application. So Track4Win is very good at monitoring computer software usage.

Employee computer usage tracking is becoming more and more popular for employers in the world. No matter you need monitor employee workstation usage and internet use at business. You need to find a good software product to monitor computer use. But many employee computer tracking solutions are expensive and require additional network hardware. Track4Win allows you to monitor network activity and track employee computer usage without additional router, switch and hub. Therefore, it is not expensive to monitor employee activity on network. It is a free download program package for 10-user free trial. Try our employee computer monitor software now!

You must realize computer abuse is becoming serious especially when the computert network in growing in your company or organization. You should find a network computer monitoring software to track network computer activity. Among many monitoring software for computers in the market, Track4win is the best one for business because Track4win has powerful network tracking features. In addition to monitoring computer usage, Track4win can monitor program usage and record application run time on each monitored computer. On the other hand, unlike other computer spyware products which record personal private information, such as text,password, email content, log-in details, account numbers, personal information, individual files or other personal documents, Track4win is less intrusive program that will protect personal sensitive data. It can implement the monitoring functions while at the same time considering privacy protection. It is a kind of server monitoring tools and just collect monitoring data from the client computers and send to an internal server you specify inside your organization. Track4win can implement remote computer monitoring via Internet/Intranet or VPN, but it will not transfer all computer monitoring data everywhere remotely. It is one of the best remote monitoring tools that will let you have a full control. Track4win is the best and cheapest network monitoring tool to track employee computer activity. Choose Track4Win to be your software for monitoring computer use.

New! Track4win Enterprise edition released ! An advanced solution of Internet Monitoring software.

Computer File Access Monitoring and Security: (New feature for monitoring computer file usage)
  • Keep track of computer files related activities real time, including: create,copy,modify,delete,rename,move Immediately identify the computer file access type, the file location, the action date and time, the user, and the workstation
  • Computer File Security...Know which computer files were deleted/renamed/copied in your networked computers, find out who did it and when!

Want to monitor computers ? Download Track4win, one of the best computer system monitoring tools in the world!

Track4Win is the best software for monitoring network computers. It run as a client/server mode. So It is the easiest way to track any networked computers from a server.


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