Track4Win is  anti-Internet abuse and employee monitoring software !

Stop Internet Abuse with Track4win Internet Monitoring Software!

Anti-Internet Abuse is an important way to help business to improve productivity and keep web use in a proper way. Track4Win can help company or parents to find any net abusing behavior of Internet! Track4win is an inexpensive tool to prevent web abuse and monitor computer activities.

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Track4Win,a powerful and low cost  anti-internet abuse and employee monitoring software product for web usage  tracking.

From this screenshot, you can know Track4Win can not only  for tracking all website addresses (urls), but also for tracking each web page title and the time spent on each webpage. 

Also. Track4win v2.0 or later version can  implement monitoring web usage by groups. And you also can just select a specific program (such as Internet Explorer, IE)  to monitor.

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Are you looking for computer monitoring software for employees ? As you know, the abuse of Internet will reduce your employee's productivity and waste your Internet resources if there is no any Internet tracking tool to prevent Internet abuse. There are some issues about Internet abuse you will be concerned in the workplace:

How do I  track and improve employee productivity in the workplace with web connection?

Employee productivity is key to business success. However, some employees are overdoing their personal use in the workplace. Especially, some employees spend much time on web surfing and other Internet activity that is internet misuse. Therefore, Internet abuse will greatly reduce employee productivity and employee efficiency.

Do you know this fact about internet misuse:

Cyber-skiving accounts for 30%-40% of lost employee productivity. (, IDC)

It is necessary to monitor internet usage in the workplace to improve productivity. Track4Win is a good choice for Internet tracking!

Is my Internet connection clogged?

If many employees are using the web connection to download personal stuffs and access  pornography, you need an Internet monitoring software to track web use. Otherwise, Internet abuse will increase your Internet costs and reduce web use efficiency. 

So this is another internet misuse that will waste your internet resources:
70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during business hours, and downloading any Audio & Video can consume 60 - 80% of bandwidth (NFO Worldwide,Sextracker)

In order to stop Internet abuse, employer should know how to track internet traffic and monitor web activity. Track4Win can track url visited and implement real-time Internet monitoring. 

Are my employees using Internet illegally?

Directors, & IT Managers can now be held personally financially liable for illegal software held on company resources.   So managers are trying their best to track web use in their organizations. Internet tracking software can stop internet abuse and illegal internet misuse. You need a monitoring product to make sure your staff use Internet legally. Track4Win is a powerful tool for Employee Internet Management.

Track4Win employee/internet monitoring software lets you track individual's Internet use within your company. Its time tracker feature also allows employers to track web use time. You can see how much time is spent on business usage and how much for personal things. And you can gently ask those employees who are overdoing the personal use back into line. To monitor internet usage effecitvely and stop internet abuse, you'd better use Track4Win that has powerful Internet tracking features.

Track4Win can monitor Internet activity and track web site address visited. In order to effectively track Internet usage, Track4Win allows you to track web page titles so that you can know web contents conveniently.

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Employees  Monitoring

Employee Monitoring is very important to ensure a business to achieve success. Employers know what their computer facilities and Internet connection is costing them. But how much of that is for business use, and how much for your employee's personal use? How much productivity is lost through non-business use if there is no employee monitoring? Can you monitor employees at their work time, and track their computer usage, Internet surfing, and web activity ? Can you Find out who is the most productive employee, and who are the busy or lazy employees in your company ? As a smart employer, you need to figure out how to monitor employees, track their work time, and evaluate their performance. You must find a tool to monitor computer usage and track web use in your company.

To effectively monitor employee, you need an employee monitoring software product or solution. However, some big employee monitoring and internet tracking solutions require expensive additional hardware. Some workplace monitoring software solutions are very expensive. There are some powerful spy products but they are limited in a single PC. Though some products are web enabled and multi-user support, they cannot track web site address (track url), some of them have no time tracking feature.Namely, it is not time tracker software . 

Is there a cost-effective employee and Internet monitoring product that can act as a web monitor and time tracker to  track internet activity, have strong network support for employee monitoring and time tracking, and implement real-time & all-application monitoring functionality?

Yes. With Track4Win employee monitoring software, you can monitor employee computer use anytime when employees use their computer and surf Internet:

  • All-application tracking feature: Employers can use Track4Win that enables them to see what computer applications are running on the employees' computer terminals. Track4Win is a all-application tracking and monitoring software

  • Internet tracking feature: Employers can monitor Internet usage such as web-surfing and and other Internet activities. Track4Win can track web site address (url) visited and log web page title. In terms of Employee Internet Management, Track4Win is an Internet monitoring software to prevent Internet abuse or misuse. You can know any internet abusive behavior immediately and make some policies to prevent web abuse.

  • Real-time and out-of office feature: Track4Win enable employers to implement real-time employee monitoring and out-of-office workplace monitoring. Employers can monitor employees' computer usage at the same time their employees are using computer and surfing Internet. No matter their employees are in local office or remote workplace, there is no hurdle for monitoring employees as long as employers use our Track4Win employee monitoring software. Even if sometimes employers are out of office, Track4Win can still monitor computer use and track internet activity without running a server application. Track4Win is a rea-time & out-of-office employee monitoring software for a single PC, and networked PCs (LAN and WAN) 

  • Time tracker feature: Track4Win allows employers to keep track of the amount of time an employee spends away from the computer or idle time at the computer. It can track time used on each application and track web use time.  Time tracker feature is very important for project time tracking and productivity evaluation. Track4Win is a powerful application time tracker.

Is employer allowed to track what are his or her employees doing on their  computer while employees are working?

Generally speaking, it is ok for employers to monitor employees or track their web use. Since the employer owns the computer network and the terminals, he or she is free to use them to monitor employees and track their internet usage. They have the rights and internet tracking resources to monitor employees within their companies.

Employees are given some protection from computer and Internet of electronic monitoring in workplace under certain circumstances. Union contracts, for example, may limit the employer's right to monitor and track. Also, public sector employees may have some minimal rights in workplace under the United States Constitution, in particular the Fourth Amendment which safeguards against unreasonable search and seizure.

Internet tracking is necessary in many companies because of work ethic and legal requirements. Employees should understand why their employer need track internet use and monitor employees. On the other hand, employers should consider how to protect employee's privacy while they monitor internet activity and track computer usage. Track4win is the best and cheapest program for anti internet abuse.

Track4Win won't collect personal data (keystrokes and screens, etc.) while the software is monitoring employees. If you are looking for a software application to monitor employees, please try Track4winm, which can monitor internet usage and monitor network activity.

Track4Win = Employee Monitoring Tool + Internet/Web Monitor + Application Time Tracker

Track4Win is a wonderful software product for employee monitoring, time tracking, anti-Internet abuse. Track4Win is an ideal employee/Internet monitor and time tracker for any business!

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New! Track4win Enterprise edition released !

File Access Monitoring and Security: (New Feature)
  • Keep track of file related activities real time, including: create,copy,modify,delete,rename,move
  • Immediately identify the file access type, the file location, the action date and time, the user, and the workstation
  • File Security...Know which files were deleted/renamed/copied in your networked computers, find out who did it and when!

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