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Monitor multi-computer activity and track internet usage. Record, calculate, and analyze application running time.

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Track4Win can monitor all computer activity and Internet usage on your network. It can automatically track visited website addresses, and log work time on each application.

Track4Win customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small business start-ups, and from network administrators to parents.

Track4Win is the best Computer Monitoring Software for your office and home.

Key Features

  • Multi-user monitoring (office/corporate LAN, remote WAN or standalone PC):
    - Monitor all computer users on a computer network simultaneously. Track4Win can work for either single PC tracking or networked computers monitoring.
    - Use any computer to be a server to monitor other computers on the network.
  • Real-time PC monitoring and Internet usage tracking
  • Screen capture from remote computers (Monitor networked computer screens.)
    (If you need a more powerful screen monitoring software product, please try ScreenFetch.)
  • Time tracking for all software applications
  • Browser history tracking (Record visited web site address and web page title.)
  • File usage monitoring
  • Stealth/Silent installation and invisible running
  • Remote deployment/installation for Monitor program
  • Group monitoring:
    - Monitor computers by group/department/area
    - Monitor applications by group ( you can select a few software applications to monitor)
  • Support MS Access, MS SQL, MSDE, Oracle and ODBC
  • Export data to HTML and Excel
  • Password Protection
  • Abundant reports, ease of use, small size, fast running speed, and cool interface

Usage Scenarios

Employee Monitoring and Project Time Tracking:
  • Monitor employee daily computer usage and ask those employees who are overdoing the personal use back into work immediately. Track4Win is a superb workplace monitoring tool to monitor computer use! more...
  • Find out who is the most productive employee, and who are the busy or lazy employees in your company
  • Implement remote employee monitoring and be able to monitor employees when you are out of office
  • Estimate project time, calculate project cost, track work time and analyze work process. Track4Win is also a project tracking tool.
Internet/Computer Usage Tracking:
  • Prevent Internet abuse! As a superb internet usage monitor, it can track which websites a user visits, and record how much time is spent on writing e-mail, visiting chat room and surfing internet. Track4Win can monitor internet usage through LAN and WAN! more...
  • Track computer use and analyze the computer usage rate in your company. It is a great computer monitoring software product.
  • Offer free download to try the best software to monitor employee internet usage and the easy way to monitor employee computer activity.
At School:
  • Monitor all workstations in a computer lab
  • Track Internet usage and computer activity for all students no matter which user name they use to log on the computer network
  • Analyze computer usage rate and log computer time usage on campus
At Home:
  • Monitor what family members are doing on your computer and track their web use, including their engagement in online social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Track how much time your kids spend on Internet and computer
  • Help to protect your children from harmful website contents, chat room predators, and other Internet dangers. Track4Win is a useful internet monitoring tool for parental control!
Application Time Tracking:
  • Log and calculate how much time you or your employees spend on a specific application, such as Internet Explorer, Word, Photoshop, Dream weaver, JBuilder ... Track4Win is a powerful application time tracker!
  • Monitor employee comuter activity and usage by time and application.
Internet Cafe/Computer Bar:
  • Help to analyze what is the most popular game, and track your customer's web use time
  • Prevent any misconduct of software license and installation
  • Track4win a cost-effective computer & Internet monitoring software product in business, school and home. The price is one-time cost. There is no any annual fee.


Track4Win is the best employee monitoring software tool to track computer usage on network. It can automatically track the running time of every application on a computer. With its powerful network support, Track4Win can easily collect the application running time and track Internet use information through the network, and log them into database, and finally analyze them with very useful reports.Track4win is an inexpensive tool to monitor web usage and computer activities in network.

Track4Win Features:
  • Real-time desktop or laptop monitoring for each computer user/employee
  • Multi-user computer monitoring on a network
  • Browser history tracking including the records of URL/website address webpage titles
  • Monitor employee computer use even when employer or manager is offline (The server is not required to go online all the time.)
  • Invisibility in Windows Task Manager. (Windows xp/2000)
  • Time tracking for all software applications
  • Screen capture from remote computers (Monitor employee computer screen)
  • Remote Stealth/Silent deployment/installation for Monitor program
  • Password Protection
  • Export reports to HTML and Excel
  • File Usage Monitoring
  • Free e-mail support
  • No additional hardware required
  • Abundant reports, ease of use, small size, fast running speed, and cool interface
Technical Features :
  • Data storage in MS Access database format.
  • MS SQL Server upgradeable.
  • Data stored in Microsoft Access database
  • Support MS ACCESS, MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC database connections
  • Application Icon grasp and transfer
Please download and evaluate Track4Win, the best computer monitoring software.
If you need a screen monitoring software program that can continuously capture screenshots from network computers, please try ScreenFetch.


Notes: The previous name of Track4win is SysTracker. Please read our What's New Page to know more updates about this PC monitoring software.
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awarded Track4Win
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